Concert Dates 2017 - 2018

Ridgeway Music Spring Showcase

Saturday 24th March, 7pm - Merlin Theatre

Invited musicians will be joining together to perform in this newly refurbished venue. Over One million pounds has been spent rebuilding the theatre after damaged caused by the Sheffield floods. Mr Corker and Miss Walmsley are very excited to be able to offer the opportunity to our young musicians to perform in such a stunning venue.

More details to follow asap.


Ridgeway Music Gala Christmas Concert

Wednesday 13th December 7pm - Christ Church Dore Hall

Invited musicians from across eleven different schools joined together to perform in a massed band and choir at this festive event.


Concert Dates 2016 - 2017

Carterknowle & Holt House Summer Fair

Friday 7th July 4pm - Holt House Infant School

The Carterknowle Junior Band will be performing a set at the Carterknowle and Holt House Summer Fair.

Alice the Musical - Hope Primary

Friday 7th July

Mr Corker will be leading a performance of 'Alice the Musical' performed by the junior aged pupils form Hope Primary from the piano.

Woodseats Primary Band Assembly

Friday 23rd June - Woodseats Primary School - 9.00am

The school Band and Singers will be performing during the morning assembly from 9-9.30am.

Charnock Hall Primary Academy Concert

Wednesday 21st June - Charnock Hall Primary Academy - 6.30pm

A chance to hear the school band and singers perform their favourite pieces from this year! The concert will also feature performances from the Charnock String Group, Flute Ensemble, Guitar Group and solos from a number of the schools instrumentalists and vocalists.

Woodseats Primary Musical Extravagnza

Thursday 18th May - Woodseats Primary School - 6.30pm

The evening will include performances from both the Woodseats School Band and the Ridgeway concert Band, as well as Woodseats School choir, Recorder & Music Theory groups, soloists and small ensembles.

Carterknowle Junior Concert 

Thursday 6th April - Carterknowle Junior School - 6.30pm

A celebration of music at Carterknowle Junior with performances from the Junior Band, Flute Ensemble, Guitar Group, Clarinet Ensemble and solos from the schools instrumentalists and vocalists.

Meersbrook Christmas Concert

Thursday 15th December 2016 - Meersbrook Bank Primary - 7.00pm

Pupils from across all our schools will join together in a Christmas Musical Celebration.

Concert Dates 2015 -2016

Charnock Hall Primary Musical Evening

Wednesday 15th June - Charnock Hall Primary - 6pm

The annual Charnock Hall Primary Musical Evening featuring solos from the schools instrumentalists and performances from the Charnock Junior Band.

Woodseats Musical Extravaganza

Thursday 26th May - Woodseats Primary School School - 7pm

Pupils from Woodseats Primary will be joined by those from Charnock Hall Primary, Carterknowle Junior, Meersbrook Bank Primary & Hope Primary to form a massed combined junior band. There will also be performances from Woodseats school choir, recorder and percussion groups as well as solos from Woodseats instrumentalists.

Thursday 10th December - Carterknowle Junior School - 7pm

Carterknowle Junior Schools Christmas concert featuring solos from the schools instrumentalists and music from the Carterknowle Junior Band.

Thursday 17th December - 20th Anniversary Christmas Concert

Woodseats Primary School - 7pm - 8.30pm

Come and join us for a festive evening of entertainment as Ridgeway Music celebrates 20 years of music making with a grand Christmas Concert. Featuring the Ridgeway Youth Concert Band alongside a massed Junior Band including young musicians from Carterknowle Junior, Charnock Hall Primary and Woodseats Primary and combined vocalists.